Monday, 21 December 2009

80 / 20

和很久沒見的朋友共進午餐,談到一個 controversial 的話題,她拿 80 / 20 rule 來作比喻,那 20%到底會保持 20% ,還是會被放大/縮小和 by how much,是自己的選擇。


On my lonely way back to office, this came into to my mind…

I learned this rule for process management.   Well, it applies to most situations.   Especially for those high volume straight through process, which is highly commoditized or standardized.  80% goes through the normal path and in a way becomes transparent to the person managing it. 

But like it or not, most of our effort (lots of time more than 80%) is actually being spent on the rest 20…..

如果我們談的 topic 就是人生中這 20% 是否真的可以想不理,就不理?

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