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M: 「你全要了我的“渣”。」
S: 「什麼?」
M: 「“渣”!那些我不要的垃圾呀!」
S: 「哦!有什麼問題了?我就憑你這些“渣”“吃”了“爆棚”,還快有“清一色”
M: 「都是我不要的呢
S: 「對你沒有用,對其他人不一定,“湯渣”許多時都是有益的
M 的嫲嫲:「都叫你飲湯,還有吃湯渣
M: 「這是否叫“人棄我取”?」
S: 「對,凡事別只聽別人說,對他是垃圾的,對你也許是寶藏 但都是別在這裡談先看清你的“牌”免得輸了你會哭!」
M: 「我才不會,又沒有計錢。」
M 的爺爺:「那下次帶錢來,你應該交一些“學費”,要不然沒有進步。
S: 「對呀,你都不知自己在做什麼

以上的背境是,四人在打麻將,依打麻將的東西南北為 S M 的嫲嫲丶 M 的爺爺丶M,即是 M S 的“上家”。


M: You took all my leftover…
S: what did you say?
M: 「“LEFTOVER”!Those Rubbish … that I don’t want!
S: Oh! So what? I just used your ‘leftover’ to win a “Ng-Fan” (5 point game).  And watch out, I may have a “Ching Yat Sic” soon (a special hand made up of tiles all from the same ‘suit’.)
M: All are those that I DON’T WANT …
S: Something that is useless for you, doesn’t mean it’s the same for others.  Also those material in soup (we call them ‘leftover of soup’ in Chinese) can be good to you …
M’s grandma:「Yup, I always told you to have soup and also take some ‘leftover’ …
M: Is this what“人棄我取”(this is a Chinese saying means “taking what other people don’t want) mean?」
S: Yup! Don’t just listen to others.  Something which is rubbish for him can be a treasure for you … Anyway, let’s don’t talk about this now, focus on your suit for the moment.  I’m afraid you may cry if you lose!
M: Oh! That’s not me.  We don’t play in real cash anyway!
M’s grandpa:「Then please bring some money next time.  You should pay us ‘tuition’ for teaching you.  Else, you won’t have progress.
S: Exactly! I bet you don’t know what you are doing now…

There are four people playing Mahjong.  The sitting reference according to Mahjong game’s rule is S in East, M’s grandma in South, M’s grandpa in West, M in North respectively, i.e. M is the "upper player" of S.

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P.S. Recently there is a friend from another country told me that she wanted to read my blog very much.  But the pity is she just started to learn Chinese / Mandarin and couldn’t understand my content.  As such, I’ll try as much as possible to make my future post ‘bilingual’ though some of the very sentimental thoughts are difficult to express in both ...

Anyway, Thanks to this friend.  This is a really good motivation to me too.  Enjoy your learning in Mandarin.

Also, “渣”is a slang in Cantonese meaning “waste”, so you may not be able to look it up in an ‘official’ dictionary but try “渣滓”.

I found the following fun site for learning Mahjong:

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting to read!
Thanks very much for your all efforts to put down in both Chinese and English!!!

SKII said...

You are welcome. Hope you enjoy.

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