Monday, 24 May 2010


籌備經年,又研究了十年,關於手機與腦癌關係的研究,最近發表報告,結論是,有趣就是沒有結論 “The data are not strong enough for a causal interpretation…” (source: NY Times)







下一步是開展另一個類似的研究,而 time frame 是三十年!有趣耶!原來故事永不會完,管他三十年後到底會否有結論!?


P.S. 這裡寫的完全撇除了政治與商業因數,據說以上提及的研究,四份一經費來自手機製造商,full of conflict of interests … 情形如當年研究吸煙與肺癌關係差不多。但在我而言,吸煙與用手機又不太一樣 (另一個“大道理”的題材!?)


Anonymous said...

Hi, This is the best article u have ever written in your blog. :-)

The inclusive statement in the report is a very interesting result indeed. If they give a conclusive
result, it will be politically incorrect (a possibility).
Also, they probably don't want to stop whatever
research they are doing. So, making it an inclusive
research finding would definitely keep them into
the eco system so they will not lose their jobs over
night. People tend NOT to believe in a definitive
or conclusive result in general. They will cast doubts on it no matter what. For example, they will attack how the experiments was carried out. How scientific it is to derive their findings? all sort of questions. If they publish an inclusive result, they will be able to stay away from a lot of unnecessarily criticism.

Overall, their results suggest to carry on with the studies. Nothing is 100% right or 100% wrong. The only right thing is to say something in the middle, ;-), to minimize the chance that they are absolutely wrong.

SKII said...

Thanks for supplementing the political and commercial bits. Yes, different forces have their own vested interests, making the whole thing really complicated.

This is the best and most comprehensive comment I have ever got.

btw, if this is the best so far, I take it as the others are at least 'good' rather than 'not bad' or 'bad'!! ^_^

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