Saturday, 15 May 2010

iPad 中毒之路...Never say NEVER

Okay! Finally got time to sort out the iPad US account.

It's easy! If you already got an iTunes account, simply change your country and then your address to an US address.  Of course, you need an address.  It's easy if you have a friend who will let you use his/hers. Thanks to my “Sincere 朋友” for this bit.  Else, you can find an US address from certain websites on internet.  Then remove the credit card information and input the prepaid card number in payment method.  And THAT'S IT!  The bill will be sent to the email address you registered.  And I can access iTunes / Apps shop directly from my iPad now.

However, there are still a few small things to sort out or at least to take note of:

1) Apparently you can only shop for/download apps or products which do not require physical delivery.  Else, you know where it will be landed!!

2) I can not switch back to HK Apps Store after changing my account to an US one!! So!? Seems like I need to maintain a separate account for shopping in the HK shop!! It's really stupid if this is true!

But the FUN thing is I finally got iBooks, which is really cool!  The quality of the pictures and the fonts etc is amazing!  It is even better than reading a ‘real’ paper back ‘book’.  Also the simulation of turning / flipping page is so REAL.  I used to think a book is a ‘BOOK’, electronic material can never replace the fun of holding a ‘REAL BOOK’.

This iBook reminds me of ...‘Never say NEVER’!!

By the way, also clarified that the current version is "iPad with Wifi" instead of 2G iPad.

P.S. Thanks to:

My “Sincere 八公朋友”,哈哈!係都要加果兩個字!
My “Ex 相鋪”朋友,who is expert in camera, router and all sorts of IT stuffs though he never reads my blog...
My “blog 友” and ex-classmate, who is expert on all kinds of technicalities…
My Friend who is as poisoned as me by the new toy!!

Oops!! What happened here!? Nothing much, just want to SHARE the FUN!

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SKII said...

I just successfully downloaded 'MTR Mobile', which is a 100% HK local app, by my US acc. Will try more to see how does the acc work for HK Apps.

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