Sunday, 12 September 2010

iPad & Camera Connection Kit.天下無雙

今天拍完父親那盛放中的沙漠玫瑰(較早的文章),第一時間試用昨日買的 Connection Kit,把照片直接從相機傳放到 iPad 裡。

果然方便,完全無須預先安裝任何程式或軟件,接駁後,只要開啟相機,內裡的照片便會自動呈現,可選擇 Import All or Import Selected,如要 select,只需用手指輕按想選的,然後按掣,完成。

如此 import 的照片,經由一般 Sync process是不會自動給 Sync Mac 機的(這個S喜歡,因為原意就是想用 iPad 作為照片 primary 的儲存庫)。如要傳回 Mac 機,只需開啟 iPhoto,和 iPhone 一樣,在那裡選擇想從 iPad 傳到電腦的,import 便完成。

然而,有 pros,當然有 cons,其一是 imported 後,iPad 只會用拍攝的日期作為 event default name,還沒找到怎樣直接在 iPad 裡替 event 改名;其二是相片的 filename 也不能 being editied,即是說只能是那些相機自動 assign sequential numbers,不似用相機那些軟件時可以編輯成自己想用的名字。

然而,以上的小問題,怎麼也敵不過最大的好處,就是外出時,如想即時把照片放大來看和備份,相信暫時沒有其它方法能與這個天下無雙的“iPad + Camera Connection Kit Combo”匹敵。

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Anonymous said...

S: The imported images (to iPad) are highly compressed or optimized for iPad for viewing. So, if you take JPEG pictures using your Nikon camera at the max resolution (>10M PIXAL), you get >8MB files for each compressed file as an output. If you check the file size in your iPad, it will be much less than 8MB each. I suspect that
you may end up losing quality of your original JPEG pictures taken by your camera in the iPad. iPad is good for viewing the pictures with a larger screen but it may not he a good device for storage..... unless you are willing to scarify the quality of your images. If storage is your main concern, you should just buy extra memory card for it. Nowadays, the memory card is so cheap and small, providing a much convenience to carry them in a trip easily.

SKII said...

Anonymous, Thanks for the info. I've back them up in an extra hard disk.
Memory cards are cheap but I'm even cheaper!! No money ...>_<...

SKII said...

Anonymous, I just double checked those files I transferred to iPad first then back to Macbook (or hard disk) yesterday, the file size are comparable to normal. I usually choose M (Medium) when taking pictures, I recall it should be 5 or 6M pixal and noted the file sizes are usually under 5M.
In case if there is any other way to check etc, do let me know though quality is not my highest priority. ^_^

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