Wednesday, 1 December 2010

S in Singapore


Suntec City - S used to work there.  Told by my boss that the combination of those five buildings tries to symbol a 'left hand'.  That is the reason why Tower 1(the thumb) and Tower 5 are shorter compare to the others.

Chatterbox in Mandarin Hotel on Orchard Road and their Chicken Rice – Not because of their Chicken Rice is better than other places but more because it’s opened 24 hours.  S spent most of the time having her lonely dinner here for those days off from work really late!!

The HMV shop (not sure if it’s still there now) opposite to the Mandarin Hotel on Orchard Road and the road just behind it.  This lovely uphill slope leads to the service apartment where S used to live in.  It is just a few minutes walk from Orchard Road.  But its silence makes it feels like you are in a different world.

The bus stop in front of the HMV shop - S used to catch bus from here to Marina Bay every morning.

Conrad Hotel in Marina Bay - this is the hotel where S stayed in during her first business trip (back in xx years ago).  It was brand new by then.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Marina Bay - this is the hotel where S stayed in for her last business trip to Singapore (several years ago).  We stayed there for a workshop in which we need to do something like "Apprentice" (Donald Trump's show) to make a film to promote the firm.  We almost turned the Hotel upside down!!

Everything / anything on Orchard Road from HMV to C.K. Tangs, including all those on the other side of the Road.  Last but not least, the super bookstore (forgotten about its name) down the corner close to C.K. Tangs.

Everything / anything in the Marina Bay area.

Not sure if you had been to Singapore how many times.  In case you really miss Cantonese dishes, you may try Lei Garden (利苑)not sure if it’s still there as wellon Orchard Road.  It's just a few blocks from the HMV shop towards Marina Bay direction, and located in a very old and worn commercial building.  If you like genuine Cantonese dishes, please don’t go to the one in Marina Bay (or close to Raffle’s Place) as its dishes are for westerners (Ang Mo,“紅毛”).

P.S. Why I write this in English? It’s because I don’t know how to read it out in Hokkien (福建) if I write it in Chinese!!

去年今日:So Close but Yet So Far Away


卡臣 said...


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SKII said...

卡臣,係呀,因為你去的新加坡同S去了不同,你只去幾日,淨係出入遊客區,S就無奈地做了一排“波妹”!(哈哈,順道答埋 Eben!)
其實我都只係主要游走喺 Orchard Road & Marina Bay 之間,悶到嘔...,:-P

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