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Snow Turned into Rain (Same Old Lang Syne)

Same Old Lang Syne, Dan Fogelberg

小學時某一年,電台熱播這首歌,以S當時的英文程度,完全聽不明白內容,但旋律優美,尾段又巧妙地配上 Old Lang Syne 的原曲,給S下深刻的印象。

唸大學時,朋友隨意地為S錄了一盒卡式錄音帶,放在車內收聽,90 分鐘的 TDK錄音帶內,收錄了差不多相等於兩張黑膠碟數量的歌曲,但S只記得這一首。


Just for a moment
I was back at school
And felt that old familiar pain

And as I turned
to make my way back home
The snow turned into rain…

近日在網上再聽這歌,才知道唱作人 Dan Fogelberg 在三年前的十二月十六日已經辭世,之後歌曲裡的女主角 Jill 才道出這首歌原來是來自真實故事 (see Note below),而非虛構的電影橋段,怪不得能夠描寫得如此扣人心弦!

資料沒有交代,那次於聖誕節前夕的偶遇後,Dan 在死前還有沒有機會再見過 Jill 一面,無論只是匆匆的交換一個眼神丶一起再喝一個 six-pack丶還是有緣再聚互相交換近況慰問一番

Note: the information below is quoted directly from the same source as the music video:

Daniel Grayling Fogelberg (August 13, 1951 December 16, 2007) was an American singer-songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, whose music was inspired by sources as diverse as folk, pop, rock, classical, jazz, and bluegrass music.

As Fogelberg tells it on his official website, the song is totally autobiographical.  He was visiting family back home in Peoria, Illinois in the mid-'70s when he ran into an old girlfriend at a convenience store.

After Fogelberg's death from prostate cancer in 2007, the woman who he wrote the song about came forward with her story.  Her name is Jill Greulich, and she and Fogelberg dated in high school when she was Jill Anderson.

As she explained to the Peoria Journal Star in a December 22, 2007 article, they were part of the Woodruff High School class of 1969, but went to different colleges. After college, Jill got married and moved to Chicago, and Dan went to Colorado to pursue music.

On Christmas Eve, they were each back in Peoria with their families when Jill went out for egg nog and Dan was dispatched to find whipping cream for Irish coffee.  The only place open was a convenience store at the top of Abington Hill, at Frye Avenue and Prospect Road, and that's where they had their encounter.  They bought a six pack of beer and drank it in her car for 2 hours while they talked.

Five years later, Jill heard "Same Old Lang Syne" on the radio while driving to work, but she kept quiet about it, as Fogelberg also refused to reveal her identity.  Her main concern was that coming forward would disrupt Fogelberg's marriage.

Looking at the lyrics, Jill says there are 2 inaccuracies: She has green eyes, not blue, and her husband was not an architect - he was a physical education teacher, and it's unlikely Fogelberg knew his profession anyway. Regarding the line, "She would have liked to say she loved the man, but she didn't like to lie," Jill won't talk about it, but she had divorced her husband by the time the song was released.


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