Saturday, 14 May 2011


I recently got my and my message function in facebook has been automatically updated with the latest functionalities.

The main new feature of the new message function consolidates all my conversations with the same person into one single thread, similar to how sms or what's app works on mobile phone.  The good and fun side of it is that I can now see my chat / messages with the same person for different subjects by scrolling through the same thread.

However, this at the same time is its down side on the other hand.  When it consolidated my historical messages, it seems that the system has erased the subjects of the original messages.  And when I send new messages now, it no longer carries a subject anymore.  As such, if I want to discuss with another person for more than one topics at the same time, e.g. dinner vs other gossips, everything is being mixed within the same thread and is difficult to keep track of!  In a way, it doesnt really work like the conventional email.

Having said that, another good point about it is that with the, I can send / receive messages to / from any other email addresses outside facebook.  I tried it with my own addresses in yahoo and gmail and it works smoothly.  The only difference is when I check my emails in facebook, all the messages from the same email address have been consolidated to one single thread as described above.

This is what I experienced so far, looks like its a good alternative for instance chat tool, such as sms or whats app for social use.  When it comes to discussion for more serious topics or need to attach document etc, seems like its not my choice yet!


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佛爺,謝謝你告知。我初時以為是文章消失了,但見自己的貼文還在,而昨天晚上等了一兩個小時之後又能進入 Blogger 貼文,還以為他們已經弄好了!

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