Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Suspicious "Yahoo Alert", I have Reported to the Police! (2)

Thursday, 17 May (Cont’d)

As I walked to the Police Station, I tried to articulate for a case for reporting to the Police.  I carefully think of whether there were any irregular or suspicious things happened over the past few days…

Okay, on 14 May (Monday) I received this fake email from my high school teacher.  I did ignore it!  Then … what? 


On 16 May (Wednesday), when I was on my way back home, I checked my emails via my iPhone as usual and noted there was a mail with subject “Yahoo Alert”.  Its content was about Yahoo is experiencing system congestion and they would disable those inactive email address.  If you are an active user, you have to go into the link provided to validate your account…

When you read what I write now, apparently you would know this is fake (or at least it is suspicious).  However, I did not think over it much as I thought it’s just like banks cutting down the inactive accounts etc.  I almost wanted to validate the account right away but the internet connection was very poor in the subway.  So I left this until I got home. 

After dinner, I logged in to surf on the net as usual and confirmed that email according to its instruction.  After I “logged in” through the link provided there, it led me to a page showing my emails. Though the page’s style is different from the Yahoo mail setting, but its inbox shown emails that I could see via my iPhone etc.  After surfing there for a while, I “logged off” from there without imagining something terrible is actually coming up.

Apparently, the above action was really really stupid (when I looked back), and this is actually the first time I click into the link provided by this sort of emails.

When I reported to the Police about this, I clicked on the details to see the address and it shows the mail was sent from an address namely ‘info@Yahoo.com’.   

Hmm..  Okay, you may remember I mentioned in the last episode that all my emails in my Yahoo mailbox were being STOLEN or DELETED! Then how come I could still see this email when I talked to the Police?

The reason being, after I found that all my mails were gone by using my desktop computer in office to log in Yahoo, I did not try to ‘re-login’ to the mail via iPhone.  Hence it still retained the image of those emails that have been downloaded previously.  I hence took a snapshot of this suspicious “Yahoo Alert” email and what’s app to the Policeman as evidence.

Here you go for those who had receive the fake email (regarding I mugged in Philippines).  Be alert as someone already know your email address and may send you that same…

This is a very painful and troublesome lesson to learn.  Hope this has not caused inconvenience to my friends or counterparts who were on my address book!


sfong15 said...

Links and attachments are always most dangerous creatures of the Internet. You can't even trust service providers (fake webmail, banks, paypal, hoax asking you to view interesting video ... etc).

SKII said...

sfong, yes agreed! Usually I am very careful, 但中一次招就已經非常麻煩! >_<

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